Dune Mosaics

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Dune mosaic Emperador 186759
Dune mosaics Emerador 186759   Tiny, rich cocoa brown slivers of emperador marble are shee..
Dune mosaic Nayade 186468
Dune mosaics Nayade 186468 300x300  Dune have created a three dimensional effect with Nayade. C..
Dune mosaic Pluton 186728
Dune mosaic Pluton 186728 300x305 mm  Sister to Pandora and Avatar, Pluton by Dune mosaics is a..
Dune mosaic Vesta 186760
Dune mosaics Vesta 186760 298x298 mm  Thin slivers of mixed natural marble have been used by Du..
Dune mosaics Andy 186743
Dune mosaics Andy 186743   One of our all time favourites, Andy is inspired by the work of..
Dune mosaics Avatar 186545
Dune mosaics Avatar 186545 300x305  Avatar from Dune mosaics is a random mix blend of delicate ..
Dune mosaics Copper mirror 186917
Dune mosaics Copper mirror 186917 265x285 mm  A close relation to Glass mirror, Copper mirror b..
Dune mosaics Frozen 187138
Dune Frozen 187138 280x280 mm   Frozen from Dune mosaics is actually a porcelain tile with..
Dune mosaics Glass mirror 186384
Dune mosaics Glass mirror 265x285 mm  Clear, clean, bright slivers of mirror glass sheet mounte..
Dune mosaics Globe 186891
Dune mosaics Globe 186891 298x298 mm   A commination of bronze and copper metallic pieces ..
Dune mosaics Heliopolis 186726
​Dune mosaics Heliopolis 186726  Two colours of natural marble and mirror glass in random shape..
Dune mosaics Jaipur 186477
Dune mosaics Jaipur 186477   Dune have combined glass, metal and several different natural..
Dune mosaics Krypton 186383
Dune mosaics Krypton 280x280 mm  Create stunning effects with Krypton from Dune mosaics. Krypto..
Dune mosaics Lens 187121
Dune mosaics Lens 187121   Sister to Globe by Dune mosaics, Lens is a combination of cool ..
Dune mosaics Luxor 186725
Dune mosaics Luxor 186725   In Luxor Dune have combined two different natural marbles and ..
Dune mosaics Pandora 186727
Dune mosaics Pandora 186727 300x305 mm  Pandora from Dune combines white carrara marbles and ir..
Dune mosaics Snow 186455
Dune mosaics Snow 186455 283x286 mm  Snow from dune mosaics is a truly unique product. Made fro..