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Jasba Glazed Ceramic Mosaic

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Jasba Glazed Ceramic Mosaic

Jasba Glazed Mosaic Tiles from The Mosaic Company

The Mosaic Company stock a wide range of Jasba mosaic tiles from one of Europe’s glazed stoneware mosaic manufacturers, their range of glazed mosaic tile products are used in tiling projects all over the world and well renowned in the industry. We are delighted to be able to stock several ranges of this high quality product that includes an extension range of sizes, designs and colours to suit any requirement.

Jasba mosaic tiles is the perfect choice when high quality tile design is required, this may be in the home in rooms such as bathrooms, wet rooms or kitchens and also in commercial applications such as spas, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

What is the secret behind Jasba

The secret to the look of the Jasba range is the use of up to 10 layers of glaze in each design to achieve brilliance and truly unique finishes. Jasba mosaics are supplied with the patented Hydrotec surface treatment which is fired into the glaze during the manufacturing process, this process impedes the growth of mould and bacteria, breaks down pollutants and odours and makes the surface of the glazed mosaic tiles easier to clean and maintain.

Wide range of styles

The Jasba range of mosaic tiles include a huge range of colours and styles, the fresh series comprises gentle shades of rainbow colours, the highlands series includes soft natural colours that are warm and inviting and the loop series include bright vibrant colours for that modern and stylish look. All of our Jasba ranges include many different colours to choose from, every colour of the rainbow and everything in between, some of the Jasba glazed mosaic tiles also feature an anti slip finish making them ideal for wet room and shower floors.

Help with Jasba Glazed Mosaic Tiles

We know that help and advice are invaluable when choosing tiles from your tiling project, that’s why our team of helpful and knowledgable staff are available to answer your questions or queries to help you choose the right mosaic tile for your needs, feel free to contact us.

Wide range of mosaic tiles collection

Hundreds of products from the best manufacturers in Europe and around the world. All of our products we believe represent the best balance of quality and value within their categories.

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