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Wide range of luxury Victorian floor and wall tiles

Wide range of luxury Victorian floor and wall tiles

Launched during the summer of 2018 our dedicated Victorian Tile Collection website has become an online showcase of the great range of Victorian tiles that we offer our customers, we identified the need for small scale, traditional unglazed porcelain tiles and so our website and product range was born.

Where are the Victorian tiles made?

The Victorian reproduction tiles are manufactured to the very highest standards at a modern and efficient factory in Europe before being transported to the South West of England to our Bristol office.

Where can the Victorian tiles be used?

Our range of Victorian tiles can within reason be used anywhere, whether it be on walls or floors, to produce a traditional or period look. We have split our range into various areas of interest to give inspiration to customers. They are also equally suitable for interior and exterior use., being fully frost proof Victorian Collection tiles are ideal for porches and pathways.

Victorian Bathroom Tiles

Most of the tiles that we stock can be used in the bathroom and we have seen an increasing demand for this, once tiled and grouted our Victorian bathroom tiles look stunning and simply do not look out of place in a traditional or contemporary home.

Victorian Floor Tiles

The Victorian floor tiles that we stock are hard wearing and long lasting making an ideal floor tile that can be used indoors or outdoors to create that iconic period look, the Victorian floor tiles are fully vitrified and unglazed which makes them hard wearing and safe to walk on. We stock the traditional red, black and white colours to allow you to either choose a traditional look or make something more creative out of the floor tiles.

Victorian Hallway Tiles

Just like our Victorian floor tiles the same tiles look just as good when used in the hallway, the small scale of the tiles makes it ideal to be used in confined or awkward spaces often seen in domestic hallways. Alongside our range of colours we are also able to supply a range of Victorian pattern designs, working with you to design and plan the number of tiles and layout required for your project we can make up an entire order to your specification.

Victorian Kitchen Tiles

Our range of Victorian kitchen tiles are ideal for use in areas where liquids or food items may be spilt, the tiles are fully vitrified and unglazed making them hard wearing and non-slippery. The small scale of the Victorian kitchen tile range makes it ideal for use in confined or awkwardly shaped areas and the durable surface of the tiles ensures years of enjoyment particularly useful in areas of heavy traffic and use such as that found in the domestic kitchen.

Can I obtain Victorian tile samples?

We offer customers the option to purchase a tile sample from our range of single, non-patterned tiles at a cost of £1.00 each, should you order the final product the tile sample cost can be claimed back resulting in FREE Victorian tile samples.

Have a query or question?

If you have any questions or need help with choosing the right tiles for your home, or would like to find out more about our Victorian designs range and how you can plan, design and order the tiles please get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team by visiting our contact page at

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