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Choosing the right mosaic tiles for your tiling project

Choosing the right mosaic tiles for your tiling project

With the start of the new year customers start to think about plans to update, modernise or improve their homes especially kitchens and bathrooms. Customers may also be considering a investing in a swimming pool, spa pool or splash pool for their home, garden or terrace to make the most of the summer weather when it arrives this year.

When choosing wall tiles or floor tiles there are many factors that you need to consider, we have put together some tips and advice to ensure that you choose the right tiles for your requirements.

  1. Choose light and bright colours
    The colour of the floor tiles should coordinate with the entire room as a whole, try not to coordinate with one wall or a wall of tiles. Choose light and bright colours to make small rooms feel brighter and larger than they actually are. The amount of natural light that enters the room will have an effect on whether the tiles need to reflect light which in turn makes the room feel larger.
  2. Push the boundaries
    Be adventurous and choose colours, styles and textures you may not of considered before, push the boundaries of the room the tiles will be applied to to create a truly unique and fantastic look you won’t find anywhere else, we stock so many tile variations so that you really can create any look possible.
  3. Don’t compromise on quality
    The quality of tiles will determine the lifespan of them, for floor tiles highly durable tiles will be required if the area is prone to heavy foot traffic, for areas that often become wet tiles that provide a non-slip surface are important to avoid any nasty slips or falls. Sometimes cheaper alternatives can be found on competitor websites but they may be compromising on quality and safety.
  4. Put together a plan
    Before starting any work put together an actual plan of what tiles you will need, what materials you will need, what surfaces, what textures and what colours are needed for the room. When you purchase the actual tiles be sure to buy around 10% more tiles than you need to allow for cutting and any breakages during installation.
  5. Dont forget the adhesive and grout
    One of the most important aspects of implementing a tiling project is the tile adhesive and tile grout, the adhesive is used to apply the tiles to either the wall or the floor and the tile grout is used to complete the look by filling the gaps between all the tiles and making a nice and neat job, tile grout being available in either white or grey. We stock leading Ardex tile adhesives and grouts and can assist with any queries.
  6. Break up large expanses
    If the area to be covered is quite a large expanse you might like to possibly break up the tiles and add extra interest by complimenting the tiles with dado tile mouldings, these tiles are available in white or black and can be used as a border or to break up a large expanse of similar tiles. In areas where the room is small or there is alot of cutting to be done, particularly around toilets and sinks, then you may need to consider using small tiles which reduce the amount of tile cutting you need to do and make the expanse of tiles flow better.
  7. Ensure the tiles are suitable
    When you are choosing the tiles you would like to purchase they need to be completely suitable for the application, it goes without saying that tiles on floors should be designed for flooring as glossy finishes will make them extremely slippery even when dry, when tiling in areas that are often wet, become wet or in wetrooms the use of anti slip tiles are important and ensure there will be no slips or falls from people using the room. High quality and durable wall tiles are essential in kitchens when they are used behind worktops as they form a strong barrier against dirt and grease and can be easily wiped clean to remove any build ups. When tiling walls in showers, bathrooms or wet rooms our range of glossy, glass and iridescent tiles are easily cleaned to remove soap build ups bringing them back to life and restoring their shine.
  8. Ask for advice
    Any tiling project can be daunting for the first time homeowner or for anyone who has never undertaken a tiling project before, at The Mosaic Company we have a friendly team of staff who are available to help answer any questions or concerns you have and suggest products that will fit your requirements, simply give us a ring on 01179 556224 or email

We hope this guide is helpful and will be useful for your next tiling project, please take time to browse our wide range of floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles and adhesives.

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