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Help with tiling a bathroom or wetroom

Help with tiling a bathroom or wetroom

Choosing new or replacement tiles for a bathroom or wetroom can be a daunting task, there are simply lots of styles, surfaces, colours and sizes to choose from before you even think about how they are going to be fitted and by whom.

What should you consider?

You need to start to consider what you require and which tiles are going to be used where. It is our recommendation that bathrooms, walk in showers and wetrooms need a slip resistant tile for bare foot traffic to avoid any nasty slips and falls. Anti slip tiles can also be used in areas that arent often wet but have fast moving traffic, for example children or dogs running around who could easily slip over.

The next item you need to consider are the colours for the tiles, we stock a range of colours from white to black and all the colours in between. Quite often grey tiles are used on the floor as the colour will not show residue from foot traffic as much as pure white. Equally white tiles used within a shower would not be a problem as they would often be washed by the shower in use.

Your choice of colour mainly depends on the rest of the decor in the room, if the entire room is going to be tiled you can choose any colour to suit your taste, equally you can also choose colours that compliment each other to create a unique look with different styles of anti slip mosaic tiles.

Ease of Access

When planning a wetroom or walk in shower you should also consider the access, it has become popular to not have any steps into a shower and to remove the need for a shower cubicle that restricts room you have to move about once in the shower. Instead shower rooms and wetrooms are used with the floor being completely level, this again helps prevent trips and falls but also look stylish and modern. With a step free entrance it is easier for children, elderly people and disabled people to use the shower.

Being creative

One of our new product ranges that allow youto get creative is our Trip Accent Mosaic range, these bright and vibrant colours allow you to inject some bright colour into a wall of tiles and really create a stylish and colourful room. These tiles are available in a range of shapes and sizes to push the boundaries of traditional tiles and styles. With mosaic tiles the possibilities of colour, style, shapes and sizes are truly endless and can allow you to create a unique decor.

What should I do next?

Once you have decided on the colour and shape of tiles you would like to purchase you can take a look at our range of mosaic tiles that are in stock and ready to ship, the tiles can be ordered online via our website and we will arrange delivery to your chosen address. If however you have further questions or need some advice then we can certainly help you, just use one of the methods on our contact page to speak with one of the team. We even sell Ardex adhesives for you to apply and then grout the tiles you have purchased!

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