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Mosaic Tile Splashbacks

Mosaic Tile Splashbacks

You can pretty much use our range of mosaic tiles for any application, either on walls or floors in the kitchen, bathroom, wet room, shower room or swimming pool. For something different why not use mosaic tiles as a mosaic tile splashback in kitchens and bathrooms, we have an extensive range of colours, designs and surfaces to choose from to create a unique and practical look.

Firstly you may be asking what is a splashback, when you use a sink in the kitchen or bathroom there are tiles behind the taps or above worktops, these are known as splashbacks designed to protect the wall surface from water spillages or accidents from water, all kitchens and bathrooms have them and they are usually just simple square or rectangular tiles which look great but can be quickly updated with mosaic tiles.

Secondly the difficult part is choosing the tiles, if you want to use mosaic tiles for splashbacks we have a range of various shapes, these can be square, circular or hexagonal all of which we stock in our range, once you have chosen the shape you like the next task is to pick a colour that will compliment existing tiles and decor or if you are feeling bold a colour that will give true contrast into the room.

If you are looking for pure luxury in your bathroom our range of iridescent glass mosaic tiles will give you that look, a range of colours are available from white to green and to blue, the beauty of iridescent mosaic tiles is the different shades of colour you can see at different angles, simply stunning.

Our range of glass mosaic tiles are very practical for use in bathrooms and kitchens as they can be easily wiped clean to remove any dirt, soap residue, food and grease that has been splashed or accumulated, after a quick wipe the tiles will be back to their stunning glass looks as before.

Lastly comes the part of ordering the tiles, once you have decided on the shape and then the colour you can order the tiles directly from us for fast and secure delivery, if your order is over £75.00 you will also get free delivery, what could be easier?

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